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IBM SAN Volume Controler (SVC) – Ateliers d’implémentation

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    IBM SAN Volume Controler (SVC) – Ateliers d’implémentation

    • Outline the benefit of implementing an SAN Volume Controller (SVC) storage virtualization solution
    • Differentiate between the SVC 2145-DH8 model and the previous generation SVC 2145 models
    • Outline steps required to integrate the SVC system solution
    • Implement zoning policies for device access between the SVC, native disk storage, and host servers
    • Implement the SVC GUI and CLI management operations to configure, monitor, and manage the SVC systems
    • Identify issues related to coexistence between the SVC and native disk storage access across host servers
    • Migrate existing data to the virtualized SVC system environment
    • Implement storage efficiency solutions to maintain data growth, enhance storage performance and reliability
    • Apply advanced system management strategies to provide high availability
    • Employ administrative operations to maintain system ability

    Pré requis

    • Complete Storage Area Networking – Fundamentals
    • Have an understanding of the open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations


    “ IEF2i is a cooperating with IB Formation, which is an authorized partner of Arrow, one of IBM’s Global Training Provider “

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    Programmes de IBM SAN Volume Controler (SVC) – Ateliers d’implémentation

    Day 1

    • Welcome
    • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM SAN Volume Controller
    • Unit 2: SVC hardware architecture
    • Unit 3: SVC planning and zoning requirements
    • Unit 4: SVC cluster initialization and user authentication
      • Exercise 1: SVC system initialization
      • Exercise 2: SVC system configuration
      • Exercise 3: Examine back-end storage system

    Day 2

    • Review
    • Unit 5: SVC storage provisioning
    • Unit 6: SVC host access
      • Exercise 4: Storage provisioning
      • Exercise 5: Access SVC storage from Windows and AIX
    • Unit 7: Spectrum Virtualize advanced features
      • Exercise 6: Thin Provisioning and Volume Mirroring
      • Exercise 7: Storage access and SDD path selection

    Day 3

    • Review
    • Unit 8: Spectrum Virtualize data migration
    • Exercise 8: SVC data migration
    • Exercise 9: Migrate existing data: Migration Wizard
    • Exercise 10: Migrate existing data: Import Wizard and CLI

    Day 4

    • Review
    • Unit 9: Spectrum Virtualize Copy Services
      • Exercise 11: SVC scripting and I/O group modification
      • Exercise 12: Real-time Compression and the IBM Comprestimator
      • Exercise 13: SVC FlashCopy and consistency groups
    • Unit 10: SVC administration management
      • Exercise 14:Assign user roles and access