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Security Engineering on AWS

Reference : SEAWS
3 jours - 2,390 € € HT Télécharger la fiche
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    Security Engineering on AWS

    • Assimilate and leverage the AWS shared security responsibility model.
    • Manage user identity and access management in the AWS cloud.
    • Use AWS security services such as AWS Identity and Access Management, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service, AWS CloudHSM, and AWS Trusted Advisor.
    • Implement better security controls for your resources in the AWS cloud.
    • Manage and audit your AWS resources from a security perspective.
    • Monitor and log access and usage of AWS compute, storage, networking, and database services.
    • Assimilate and leverage the AWS shared compliance responsibility model.
    • Identify AWS services and tools to help automate, monitor, and manage security operations on AWS.
    • Perform security incident management in the AWS cloud.

    Pré requis

    • Attended AWS Security Fundamentals
    • Experience with governance, risk, and compliance regulations and control objectives
    • Working knowledge of IT security practices
    • Working knowledge of IT infrastructure concepts
    • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts

    Modalités pédagogiques

    Cours dispensé en mode présentiel avec une alternance d’apports théoriques et méthodologiques, et de mises en situations pratiques

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    Programmes de Security Engineering on AWS

    Day 1

    • Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Security
    • Module 2: Cloud Aware Governance and Compliance
    • Module 3: Identity and Access Management
    • Lab 1: Using AWS IAM
    • Module 4: Securing AWS Infrastructure Services – Part 1
    • Lab 2: Creating a virtual private cloud

    Day 2

    • Module 5: Securing AWS Infrastructure Services – Part 2
    • Module 6: Securing AWS Container Services – Part 1
    • Module 6: Securing AWS Container Services – Part 2
    • Lab 3: Using RDS security groups
    • Module 7: Securing AWS Abstracted Services
    • Lab 4: Securing Amazon S3 buckets
    • Module 8: Using AWS Security Services – Part 1
    • Lab 5: Capturing logs

    Day 3

    • Module 9: Using AWS Security Products – Part 2
    • Lab 6: Using AWS Config
    • Lab 7: Using AWS Service Catalog
    • Module 10: Data Protection in the AWS Cloud
    • Module 11: Building Compliant Workloads on AWS – Case Studies
    • Module 12: Security Incident Management in the Cloud